Blues Freeway

Liam Walsh: Personally i don’t really enjoy blues music so I can’t think of any very witty song reference to describe blue freeway. I believe some years back that Lachlan Brahe described Blue Freeway as having blood on the freeway.

I received the prospectus for this ill-conceived just before the float. Never a more cynical document have I read.

I like to think the name Blue Freeway was coined based on a bunch of failed ad guys sitting around wondering how to get rich out  of digital growth.

Bland chap says “We need to get a vehicle upon which to turn over some fast money, any you guys know anything about digital?”

Greedy chap says “How about we cobble together some digital businesses and then they can pass clients back and forth. We can have a centralised consultative model!”

Bland chap “ah yes this sounds an excellent vehicle, lets add a bunch of centralised administration to remove the strength of any relationships that exist in the businesses we buy? Sound good?”

Greedy chap “Excellent! We just need a name for our vehicle”

Bland Chap “Well its our vehicle to never ending wealth, it is part of the information super highway, freeway thingee and vehicles travel on freeways,,,,,, and ,,,, my favourite colour is blue….my cat’s name is mittens………. That is all i have, can you make anything of that?”

Ok maybe thats a slightly cynical view of this silly project.

But not very.


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