‘Smart’ operators

Why is it that when a publisher calls an agency ‘smart’ or that ‘they get it’… it generally means that agency spends with them.

If an agency says the same thing about a publisher it often means they get the rates they want with little pushback from that publisher.


3 responses to “‘Smart’ operators

  1. Well i think you are missing the point Ben.

    When anybody says another person “gets it”, you need to immediately delete that person from your contacts.

  2. For an agency to truly “get it”, they would not devuldge in phrases such as “out of the square”, or “beyond the banner” in weekly briefings to publishers.

    They would not send out two sentence briefs, targeting females 15-55 (requiring something cutting edge of course).

    For a publihser to truly “get it”, they would not package everything into sponsorships so that they could inflate the CPM.

    Moreover, they would not ring their buyer 2 hours after submitting a brief to ‘check up’ and see if there was any bite…

    I think the spend/rates discussion simply comes from the mutual respect established when each party simply attempts to add value to the overall communication strategy.

    That is all 🙂


  3. talkingdigital

    hehe – truer words never spoken moko

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