– sales team gets some help

Liam Walsh writes: Arguably the biggest digital sales team in Australia has been getting a bit of help recently.

First the Australian relaunched it’s business site, then the relaunched the portal

The Aust business section is fantastic. The international stuff is good but the highlight is the exceptional depth of the tools. I still think it wouldnt hurt to slap a new brand around it somewhere so it mya extend outside The Australian one day.

Then there was It caters to different engagement styles. I find the visualiser hideous but other like it. I have moved the content around to suit me and i like it that way.

The logo is the only thing that makes it look like it was produced by Mattel.

The biggest sales team with a pretty slick set of genuinley impressive site offerings means they may well be the only portal who didnt gulp when they saw the 29% growth for the quarter on quarter.

Ben Shepherd writes: I think the movements NDM are making are generally positive. I feel to some extent there’s still some legacy of mimicking Fairfax … but they are definitely moving towards their own identity.

Personally I really like the new logo. The old one was horrible, as was the one beforehand … they’ve added some new colour to the site and I think this is positive.

One core issue they face is – what makes them different. The Aspiring Australian’s research was flat and of limited value … it didn’t do much to tell the market why people use NDM properties and what they offer that others can’t. The key challenge now is showing advertisers the value of an audience, and once that is done how best to connect with them. Are NDM doing this now? Not really … but neither is anyone else.

The Oz is a beast – one of the best masthead online plays in AU and it has been for the past 3 years. It’s neglected in terms of how it is taken to market and needs its own sales team to truly realise its potential. Fantastic content and the closest thing we have to a world class pure news play.

09 should be a good year for NDM if they can answer the question of what makes them different and focus on their strengths. Right now they are trying to do too much – it’s great having a broad network but ultimately it makes you a generalist … good at a lot of things but not excellent at anything. With the amount of supply in market to make a difference, excellence is required.


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