The Murdoch Monologues

A Golden Age Of Freedom

This seems to be the headline for the Boyer Lectures featuring Rupert Murdoch.

We will be doing a few posts on this as it is good stuff.

So far I am up to instalment three, The Future Of Newspapers. Interestingly I had to buy the paper (which isn’t a problem as I love The Weekend Australian) to read it as they haven’t posted it online. Just a link which keeps pointing at the media pages, it is quite maddening.

There are many things that have captured my imagination in reading the transcript. Right now the thing I find most interesting is the contradiction.

Murdoch talks about quality content having demand as people need to trust news. It is important to them. They don’t talk about it at the water cooler but they seek it out.

And I agree with him. After he so eloquently discusses the need and the important role that quality journalism plays, one can go to The Australian and find generally very good coverage.

So then you walk away optimistic about journalism’s role only to go online and start reading the words that Andrew Bolt bashes out at The Herald Sun and it feels like being stuck in a circular reference in an excel spreadsheet. My brain keeps searching for words to describe it but the best this rusty old brain can conjure is a less entertaining version of Ground Hog Day “…. but…. but…. but…. but….but what about the telegraph?   But….. but….but….but what about the Courier Mail……but…..but….but (insert tabloid here)”

Andrew Bolt who asserts NSW government will drag the country into recession? I can only assume when his journalists explain the credit crisis subject he sticks his fingers in his ears and quietly repeats “LA – LA-LA-LA-LA-LA” until it stops.  

 The NSW government causing the recession we are entering? oh dear Lord.

Circulation speaks for itself and clearly it’s tabloid silliness that sells, I just keep struggling with the motivational vision Mr Murdoch articulates and thew newspapers themselves. I could be over-thinking this of course.


One response to “The Murdoch Monologues

  1. The people also need comedy – Murdoch aims to be the Walmart one stop shop for news. Which is why he bought the WSJ in the US to complement Fox News.

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