Web Lots .0 – A call to arms.

Liam Walsh writes: These are troubled times and the world is clearly at an end so it feels an appropriate time to ask anybody and everybody to help us with some important work.

For too long long we have watched terrible things happen ‘on our watch’. No more. No more.

From today I ask you to send us evidence of crimes against our language. Specifically the language we use each day in the trading of advertising.

We will kick off with the banning of words/expressions which we know intuitively are wrong. After this we need you to send us words that have no place in our society, words that undermine us, that belittle us and make us seem like vacuous advertising types.

Let us start the ban now on the following:

  • Web anything.0
  • engagement
  • game changing
  • lunch-time is the new prime-time
  • people capital
  • deep dive
  • sync-up
  • Webinar

Everybody has a different perspective. Personally the ones I sruggle with the most are people capital and webinar. People capital gets points for creativity as it refers to people, nothing more than people. I wonder whether we should coin internet capital and see if that catches on.

But for pure stupidity, I find it hard to go past webinar. The reasons are so obvious that I need not type it.

But I am wrong on so many things on an hourly basis so PLEASE send us (could have said ‘ping’) examples of stoopid digital terms you would like to see terminated.



10 responses to “Web Lots .0 – A call to arms.

  1. I really wish the Americans in the industry would not “reach out” to me any more.

    Its starting to catch on with some of our impressionable .AU colleagues.

    Why cant they just pick up the phone like the rest of us….

  2. Here’s a couple of expression that make me bleed from places…

    – I pushed it to the back of the envelope (WHY? and how do you do that?)
    – Let’s take this offline (Why don’t you go work in offline then? I wonder if the offline guys sit in a meeting and say, let’s take this online)
    – I feel like we have to, combined, come up with a new term for Brainstorming session. Or simply do one without calling it that. Saying that you are going to have one turns off my creativity right then and there
    – I also think that our world would save so much cash per head if we collectively stopped having meeting to discuss meeting results….. But that might be just me…

  3. and some more just because:

    – first to market
    – out of the box
    – helicopter view
    – fully integrated
    – cross platform selling

    and, for my personal number 1:

    – Chasing eyeballs

  4. I’d like to add “New Media” to the list. How many decades will it remain New?

  5. I would like to officially pledge my support to this most important of causes. Thankyou Liam for raising this issue in your Blog (short for weblog).

  6. talkingdigital

    I’d like to add

    -dial up an idea
    – on deck/off deck
    – consumer centric
    -content agnostic
    – heritage media

  7. talkingdigital

    “Let’s take this offline”

    this is a funny one … often used out of context in meetings where no computer is actually online 😉

  8. How about “social networking”? I’m about to gag if I see one more “deck” on slideshare with 150 screenshots of facebook and “Dell Hell.”

    “Deck” would be another good one, now that I think of it

    And I always hated those meetings at agencies where someone would say, “let’s tease that out a bit.”

  9. accountable

    the word is fine but people use that word with impunity for no other reason than that most people dont actually get the fact that no media channel is completely accountable

  10. What have you got against the word engagement? Is it the word itself or just that you need actual sites with good content to have engagement? 😉

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