Freeview TV ad looks eerily familiar

Ben Shepherd writes: Has anyone seen this? It’s the new ad for Australia’s Freeview TV group

Notice it’s the same concept as this Ford Fiesta UK ad, or is it just me …


Liam Walsh Writes: That is fantastic! I like my future of TV with a large amount of creativity, well someone else’s creativity in this case.


3 responses to “Freeview TV ad looks eerily familiar

  1. Yeah I saw the Freeview ad last night for the first time on channel 7. I mentioned at the time I thought it was interesting timing that channel 7’s TIVO ad appeared straight afterwards.


  2. talkingdigital

    remember too the Tivo ad was a rip off the apple ad for itunes … good to see originality is alive and well with FTV trade marketing

  3. now now shep, we all know tivo is a quality product… despite the fact that it is a stripped down, infinitely poorer version of the awesome product that has been out in the US for about a decade. they don’t need good creative, the product should sell itself!

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