The dialogue is nothing new …

Ben Shepherd writes: “It used to be that companies would commission a study at great expense to find out what people thought about their product. Now you just go online and find out. It’s really scary at first. You realize there’s a whole dialogue going on outside your brand, and you can’t control it.”

This is from Benjamin Palmer from US based The Barbarian Group. (worth reading btw)

Thing is – hasn’t this always been the case. Dialogue going on outside your brand has always been something that happened and something one couldn’t control. The only difference now is the channels.

Evolution not revolution.

This article is about saving the Ad Industry … now I might be the naive one, but these challenges are nothing new and I don’t get how anyone thinks the phenomenon is new. If a product was shit – people would tell people – right now they do the same. If they think it’s good they will talk about it, wear it, be an advocate … Haven’t these always been the main problems confronting advertisers and agencies.

The cynic in me feels that this is being hailed as a revolution as agencies now have a reason to believe – revenue. Billable hours for ‘experts’ as well as proprietary software which measures the dialogue.

Nothing wrong with that – I just wish they’d come out and say it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to sell something, but there is something wrong with creating a fear as a way to fuel embrace.


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