2009 Ad-Tech Sydney agenda announced

Ben Shepherd writes: http://www.ad-tech.com/sydney/adtech_sydney_schedule.asp

This was announced on the the Ad-Tech Brain a few days ago.

Interesting mix of topics. I was enthused to see there is a session called Content and its Context in Digital Media.

I prepared a submission for a session ad Ad-Tech called The importance of context in Digital media channels, which was based on http://mimelbourne.blogspot.com/2008/09/audience-content-or-context.html – a blog post I had done a few months back and an area I am pretty interested in.

I was looking at getting a variety of people involved, from Eric Beecher at Private to Katie May at Kidspot as well as my esteemed co-author who loves an argument probably more than I do.

“The session would be a discussion based around challenging how we as marketers value digital media opportunities – and looking to discuss the values of content, targeting and the way we will evaluate these moving forward.

We would look at targeting options available but go through real world examples of applicable contexts. The audience would be challenged on how they value media opportunities and ideally walk away with a better understanding of all the variables that impact media placement”

Hopefully I can participate in this session.

The rest of the sessions cover a wide variety of topics – with a heavy slant on social media on day 1 and mobile for day 2.

Perhaps too heavy for a general audience – but I think the discussions need to be had regardless.

Some sessions could be really interesting – the last click attribution session covers a very important topic and with the right speakers could be scorching. Monetising Social Networks is a very topical issue right now, as is Managing Brand Consistency Across Channels.

I’m not sure about the Virtual Worlds and Twitter sessions – I question their relevance to the majority of participants. That is probably just me though.

My request to Ad-tech is to get some fresh speakers. With some of these topics you can already tell who will probably be rolled out … please, some fresh opinions (real opinions, no fence sitting please) and less sales agendas. People want to be challenged at these things.


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