Margaret Simons comment from todays Crikey

Ben Shepherd writes: I thought Margaret Simons made a great point in todays Crikey about the importance of quality content and there being no real signs that the appetite for professional content not diminishing.

“If it’s possible to draw a consensus from the Future of Journalism conferences, and from yesterday, I would say it is this: Newspapers in print form are in decline, some say dying, and will certainly be less important and influential in the future. But content remains important. A lot of old journalistic roles and skills, including sub editing, remain important. And, on the bright side, there is no evidence of diminished appetite for news and quality content among the public.”

She talks of there being a disconnect between the professional journalists and the ‘Twitter’ users who were covering the event. She summarised the feelings on twitter that “A lot of journalists are worried about change.”

My belief is the demand for quality content will never go away … and there is a fundamental issue within the digital media community that an eyeball is an eyeball and all content is created equal. Now – quality content doesn’t mean ‘professional’ content … all it means is quality content.


One response to “Margaret Simons comment from todays Crikey

  1. “All it means is quality content.” Yep. That’d be it Ben. Just like…the NYT? Yup. But they’re all going to be gone in the Meg world. And then we’ll just have? Meg?

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