Nielsen brand research results. Who knew huh?

Liam Walsh writes: It is a little disappointing that it needed this study to convince marketers that online advertising may have an impact on people’s awareness and purchase behaviour.

I am sure you have all read the summary or the entire deck on the finding so I am not including the data here.

It shows that online advertising positively impacts purchase intent.

This is a great piece of research to manage the objection around online advertising having no brand impact. It assists us shift from discussions about click-throughs and immediate sales.

There is still a lot of work to do in making the purchase of brand campaigns easier but this is a great first step in breaking down some of the obstacles.

Ben Shepherd writes:  The publicity this study is getting is generally positive for the industry – it shows those who doubted that online could help build brands and generate purchase intent that it is possible in this example.

What is the ultimate end gain desired from this? Well … obviously it’s generating more digital revenue from a category (FMCG) which spends big in other media and has never really transitioned into online.

Ok – I see that. But the issue is … the money has to come from somewhere, and generally this is other media.

Personally I can’t see ATL media budgets increasing in the next few years. I don’t think they’re going to dip, but I doubt they’re going to increase.

Effectively, online needs to take revenue away from media channels that advertisers currently use and have used for a long time. This is a pretty tough ask.

And this is a problem. I don’t think the way forward for online take up is challenging the effectiveness of other media and asking advertisers to fuel online at the expense of other channels they are comfortable with. This has generally been the tact for the past decade and my belief is it doesn’t work – if anything it drives a division between digital media and all other channels – both publisher side and agency side.

Personally, the way forward is being to address how online accelerates other media – ‘spend $x online and it will make your other media work x times harder’. Nielsen studies are great but they view online in isolation, only answer part of the question. Search is also another area that we need more data on.

Paul Fisher believes this study will see FMCG’s double their spend in the next 12 months online. It’s definitely possible – last 12 months we’ve seen $18.6m spent across this category so $36m in the next 12 months isn’t out of the question. The Kellog data is solid – and will probably come as news to most. The positive sentiment it generates can only help.

Although I can’t agree with him here: “According to Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia, the results have been warmly welcomed by the industry as they provide long awaited quantitative data for marketers to further justify increases in their online advertising for brand building.”

Fish – you should have come and spoken to us. We were doing these studies 3 years ago 😉

I’m attending the event in Melbourne tomorrow so will report back any findings and interesting elements.


One response to “Nielsen brand research results. Who knew huh?

  1. The study will help, but there are still a lot of questions brand advertisers have. One question from the floor at the Sydney event on Tuesday that was not well articulated was kinda asking “How much?”. For other channels there seems to be quite well established principles for what a light/med/heavy weight campaign will achieve in terms of reach and awareness, but for digital we really have not resolved that question. Where is the point of diminishing returns when it comes to online? At what point does it become silly to keep advertising? Then there is the problem of not knowing how many “people” we are actually reaching. Although there are problems with measurement in other channels digital also has its fair share from a brand advertiser perspective.

    Here’s to more dialogue…

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