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Ben Shepherd writes:

Sometimes people ask me what I read to keep up to date on digital and media type things – news, opinion, rumour, innuendo etc – so here’s a list of most of my daily reads.

Silicon Alley
I’m a fan of Henry Blodget – some other people aren’t so much … not big on many of the other contributors but I feel Blodget has a really good handle on all elements of the digital advertising world and the realities that face it. Out of all the Gigaoms, Paid Content, Valleywags etc this is my pick.

All Things
Peter Kafka and Kara Swisher are good at reporting the news. Some of it is a little fluffy but mostly very interesting.

He doesn’t post as much as he used to, but Battelle is an incredibly smart guy and I love how he approaches things.

I love Crikey – love First Dog on the Moon especially – and think they are only at the beginning of what they are capable of. In 2009 they have the potential to reach new highs and scare the publishers who currently claim they own the AB audience. Their basic model is simple – write things that people want to read and maintain a consistent tone and personality.

The Australian Media
For local coverage and depth I think it’s a stronger read than B&T and AdNews. Has been a great source of ridiculous Justin Milne quotes for me in the past. From my experience, this is the one local media news source read by pretty much everyone who makes decisions.

Depth of content. Big fan of the print version as well

Kate @ Stickywood
I think Stickywood is a Photon/Naked thing and Kate runs the show … not really sure and it doesn’t really matter as it’s interesting, exciting read. I have a real interest in the area of content creation and think this is probably the most exciting space in the wider media/marketing area right now. Really like how this is written – makes me want to learn more.

This isn’t exhaustive – I read a lot more – but it’s the stuff I find myself going back to daily right now.

In addition, a lot of my reading is done via twitter – some people worth following are @techcrunch, @juliancole, @markpollard, @spbyrne, @davewhittle

Liam is in HK right now but will be adding his asap.


One response to “Things we read

  1. firstly let me just say that i have had the pleasure of having worked with kate.

    not only is she one of the nicest ppl you’ll ever meet but she is one of the brightest and most articulate as well. she is a true pioneer in activations and a credit to the industry.

    secondly i’d like to put up

    as a great source of inspiration. this guy not only knows what he’s talking about but also isnt afraid to share his thoughts and opinions in a truly uninhibited way.

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