community love Coldplay and MGMT

Ben Shepherd writes: Miles from LastFM in London sent me a link to their Best of 2008 and it’s a good indication of what is hot with the lastfm community.

There are 3 areas

Best New Artist: MGMT took this (it’s based on tracks scrobbled – no panel voting here) with the Ting Tings at number 2 and Santogold at Number 10.

Best album: Coldplay‘s Viva La Vida came in at number 1 with MGMT‘s Oracular Spectacular at 2, Ting Tings We Started Nothing at 5 and Hot Chip Made In The Dark at Number 8.

Best Single: A bit hrm here … 6 of the best 10 were Coldplay tunes, and 3 of the remaining 4 were MGMT tunes (Kids, Electric Feel, Time To Pretend) . Now, I don’t mind COldplay but was surprised the lastfm community are so hot on them given their vanilla leanings.

Now I bet you’re all wondering what the 5 most played artists on my itunes were in 2008 … well …

1. Interpol
2. The Cure
3. The Presets
4. The Arcade Fire
5. LCD Soundsystem

Liam Walsh: Ben you read my mind!

I was wondering about your top five. I can appreciate a love of Interpol as Obstacle is one of the best songs ever but I have to ask what happened to you? Was it neglect? Substance abuse? Trauma from an accident?

It must have been something terrible that caused you to enjoy the presets. At least you will know some of the music if you get invited to a 21st:)


2 responses to “ community love Coldplay and MGMT

  1. haha yes! mgmt is the best thing that has happened lately. no one else has inspired much in me lately other than them.

    free as a bird

  2. Ben, where have your hip hop roots gone?

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