The top 50 online advertisers report …

 Ben Shepherd writes: … is so irrelevant I don’t know where to begin.

AdNews and Nielsen – please stop running this rubbish. It provides no value to anyone.

Judging top advertisers based on impressions with no regard to context or execution is embarassing.


2 responses to “The top 50 online advertisers report …

  1. Is it the “top online advertisers” bit that gets you? As in, do you take it that the report is suggesting “top” is “good”?

    Do you see no value in the report in terms of telling people who’s using display advertising the most? And what sites are displaying the most ads?

  2. talkingdigital

    it’s based on impressions not spend … which means if someone is running a lot of 1c CPM performance it will over inflate their position next to someone who else who is running 100x less volume at 1000x the CPM. If you tied the impression leaders to those who are spending the most money the story would be different.

    It also only covers sites in Nielsen AdRelevance – which would be around 10% max of total sites. The data has too many holes. It doesn’t include search either. Or Adconion. Or drive. Or other performance networks. Or anyone who doesn’t want to fork out money to put Nielsen tags on their site.

    I think having a Top advertisers report is valid but how it is currently isn’t

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