IAB 2009

Liam Walsh writes: It is hard to find a group or organisation more maligned than the folk at the IAB.

It is a credit to the digital industry that they are so enraged by the perceived inaction of the IAB. It is a credit because the IAB have not failed, it is a credit that the industry is so impatient that nothing the IAB does is good enough.

The membership sits for free and contributes large amounts of money for initiatives.

It has standardised formats which was at boiling point and has been working on solving the divisive measurement issue. It hired a competent and able fulltime CEO in Paul Fisher.

This group is important to shaping the future of the landscape locally and it would be useful to take the opportunity provide useful feedback on priorities. This blog is only a small sample of a few hundred people but we will be collecting your responses to this post for a poll to follow to provide some priorities to the IAB.

The intent here is to provide constructive feedback for strategic imperatives for 2009. It will be greatly appreciated.


One response to “IAB 2009

  1. Harris Madden

    Paul Fisher is great value.

    Key priority of IAB (and AIMIA for that matter) must be in the area of education and training — not to become trainers, but to engage with appropriate partners such as RTO’s or HEP’s to develop curriculum and have it recognised across the digital sector. Meaningful education, training and professional development is essential to sustainable growth within the digital industry and is also crucial for ‘converting’ and raising awareness for those outside the sector.

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