An update on my IAB board campaign

So … it’s looking like (if I am a realist about it) my campaign to try and get onto the IAB board for 2009 is going to fall short.

Main reason – my employer isn’t a member of the IAB and the chances of them or me forking out the $1,600 by Friday is pretty slim. It’s not that I/we don’t feel the IAB membership represents value … it’s more that getting the funds in that time won’t happen.

Regardless, I think this rotating position is incredibly important for the IAB to truly represent the industry as it claims to. Does it now? I would argue it doesn’t  … it represents the interests of the big publishers who fund it … therefore it’s agenda is often at odds with the remainder of the industry.

Now – this is exactly what the year long position is for … it’s open to anyone who is a member – and the only barrier to becoming a member is time or money as it stands right now. Here’s 5 people I’d love to see in this position.

Eric Beecher: Runs Private Media and is probably the most knowledgable candidate in terms of his understanding of all media. Crikey/Bus Spectator/Smart Company/Eureka are a force when you combine them and I think he could add a brand new dimension to the IAB.

Wendy Hogan: Runs CBS Interactive in Oz – another mid tail leader – and understands the premise of premium content and the advertising premium that attracts.

Liam Walsh or Alex Littlejohn: Each runs one of the leading ad networks … we know ad networks are accounting for more and more % of spend and are broadening their offerings to now be much more than exchanges … I’d argue this should be represented on the IAB.

Someone from a media agency: Loads of potentials here  – Kerry from Mindshare, Lisa Giacosa at OMD, Lachlan at emitch, Mal at Mediacom, Lee Stephens, Leigh Terry, Matt Houltham. Media agency representitive could be a great sounding board for the publishers – someone representing the interests of advertisers.

Tony Thomas: Could bring a marketers perspective to the table. His new venture is all about Social Media … an area I think the IAB locally and most publishers needs a little refresher in. Would add new spark to the group.

Anyone have any other ideas?


Liam Walsh: I believe it is time for Giacosa to put her hand up!

Looks like Lisa is in action which is good.

Ben, care to explain why Liam Walsh and Alex Littlejohn are the same?


4 responses to “An update on my IAB board campaign

  1. Ben,

    Happy to contribute 20% of the fee for your nomination if other readers are also in a position to make a contribution.

    Not sure if this is ‘allowed’ but there it is.


  2. I am more than happy to – I actually spoke to Rohan Lund about this last week – putting in the call now!!

  3. talkingdigital

    Liam – cos you both run Ad Network/tech companies. 🙂

  4. apparently I was too late

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