Mal Dale: 9 trends to look out for in 2009

Mal Dale is Director of Digital at Mediacom Australia. We asked him his 9 trends to look out for in 2009 and he came back with the below.

1. Twitter to be taken up by individuals and corporations alike

2. In-Text Ads to get local traction

3. QR Codes to take off

4. Blinkx and Heavy to start commanding some serious ad dollars

5. Image and Voice Recognition technology applied to campaigns on online and mobile to win a swag of awards

6. Video to grow up in 09 – both as pre-rolls / overlays across major publishers and in ad units themselves (inline and inbanner)

7. A boom in IGA (In Game advertising) expenditure

8. Behavioural Targeting to go way beyond re-messaging and become a central part of many campaigns

9. IAB to come up with universally accepted gold-standrard measurement system involving a Comscore hybrid solution (well, I can dream)


2 responses to “Mal Dale: 9 trends to look out for in 2009

  1. Shep I know how much of a sore point the whole measurement thing is for you, but it’s worth pointing out that even over here in the UK, it’s still not sorted (just this week an advertiser’s representative body, and the overall ad body pulled out of a proposed measurement body citing the required cost, leaving rthe IAB and a publisher’s representative).

    Also – I haven’t read them in detail yet- but the US IAB released new measurement guidelines few days ago – might be worth seeing how they tackeld it?

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