Wendy Hogan: 9 trends to look out for in 2009

Wendy Hogan is the VP of CBS Interactive here in Australia, looking after the likes of CNet, BNet, ZDNet, Last FM, TV.com and Gamespot. she is also a great person to share a drink with. Here she shares her thoughts on 9 trends to look out for in 2009.

1. Focus on audience quality vs random reach.  Niche will be BIG

2. Digital will be central to an ad buy, not just an afterthought

3. Using Twitter as a means to getting the word out beyond your own network

4. Yammer usage across the corporation

5. Consolidation in the ad network space and in local print media

6. Useful mobile apps across all mobiles, not just iphones, accelerated usage of content on the mobile platform

7. Facebook Connect will be everywhere

8. LinkedIN’s popularity will soar as the job market dynamics change

9. CBS Interactive will grow market share and launch lots of cool stuff 🙂


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