Tony Faure: 9 trends to look out for in 2009

Ben Shepherd writes: There was one submission to our 9 trends to look out for in 2009 series we missed out on posting before the end of 2008 … and it was the one that personally I was most excited about reading, Tony Faure.

Tony is the ex CEO of ninemsn and ex Regional VP at Yahoo! as well as the founder of Homescreen and someone who is incredibly passionate about interesting web businesses.

Below he lists his nine things to look out for …

1.       The rise of the mid-tier – Australian digital media has a big head and a long tail, but not much of a mid-tier. Strong content verticals will attract audience and advertising and fill this gap.

2.       Continued obsession with volume not value – the industry is obsessed with measuring volume (UBs, PVs, etc) and not yet obsessed enough with measuring value (who is reading or watching, why, how do I affect them?)

3.       The power of customer data. Marketers going deep in the data to find out who their best customers are and how to get more of them, rather than just adding more numbers.

4.       Innovative, creative sales people. We’re good at Account Management but less good at big and interesting ideas. Marketers are crying out for the latter.

5.       Mobile publishing finally takes off, and mobile advertising follows. Independent platforms like the IPhone mean the mobile now resembles the desktop, and the carriers are getting out of the way. Usage will grow fast, both display and text advertising will not be far behind.

6.       The importance of context. Targeting is now relatively easy, but targeting the right consumer at the right time when they are receptive is hard. Strong engaging content verticals are the key to this.

7.       The death of re-publishing – content that originates in a different media for a different reason won’t cut it as digital. Media companies that focus on original digital content will make better products and create more value.

8.       Search to power on.

9.       Continued high usage of social networking sites, continued struggles to monetise them.


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