Bye Bye Nic Jones

It’s hardly breaking news, but still worth a mention that Nic Jones will be leaving these shores shortly.

He is bound for London to head up digital for Starcom EMEA. His official title is unknown to me but knowing Nic, I am sure it will be suitably modest.

In the true spirit of Australians claiming foreign nationals as our own, we recognise Nic was born in the mother country however we still claim him as Australian. It is significant that Nic is leaving, not just because it will be a significant blow to the already battered local restaurant trade, but also because it is Europe.

It is a great sign for the local digital industry that Starcom went to the other end of the earth to get the great talent for the role. Of course, the negative is that we lose some good talent.

It is also a small loss for our local industry as Nic was one of the few dragging the average age up and quite substantially too


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