Help! We desperately need more UB’s. Thank God for the netbook…..

The last number I heard from Nielsen on the total number of UBs in Australia was 39million.

It is always my favourite moment in the conversation with a marketer when we get to mention this and the inevitable response

Pause…… confused look…….then “but um, that’s more than ….” Yup it is.

So with netbooks taking off at a breathtaking rate, we get a few more million UB’s. Yay!

Now a bunch of folk will have a work PC, a home PC and netbook. Three UBs and one person.

I can see some very happy media sellers running around in 2009 talking about how many new users their site has put on. Maybe even a story or two about the net defying the recession.

At the same time a bunch of producers and audience guys scratching their heads wondering why reach is increasing but pages per UB is going down.

I think Nielsen may have a solution coming……….


One response to “Help! We desperately need more UB’s. Thank God for the netbook…..

  1. Megan Clarken

    Yes – you’re correct on all fronts. Nielsen does have a solution for this and is in the throws of rolling this out across Australia. Cookie’s count browsers and not people. Browsers can delete cookies and so over a period of time can forget that they’ve been to a site before.

    The trick is to turn cookies into people. We use the knowledge that we have from our Australian panels to do so (ie. Our panels know who owns more than one computer). There’s a science to it and a bunch of white coats working on it – it’s not easy – but when it rolls out, it will be as accurate as you can get. That’s what’s important.

    Always happy to talk anyone through the detail if they’re interested.

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