More 2009 head scratching

Benjamin Christie over at Gourmet Ads did his own 2009 predictions on digital advertising trends for 2009.

I chimed in with some comments I thought I might repost here, just to get others opinions on the areas touched upon

Some interesting predictions here … namely …

3. FMCG & CPG will embrace online

I think for the industry to maintain growth this is essential – but the question is whether it will actually happen. It’s been said since 05 that CPG/FMCG and retail would embrace digital … still hasn’t really happened and the question needs to be asked why? digital is competing closely with POS and more integrated print opportunities … I think it’s difficult to compete with those 2 given the GB audience.

4. Companies Buying Direct

Don’t agree here. With marketing depts being scaled back outsourcing media is more important than ever. I don’t think there’ll be much volume bought directly – but I think the sentiment is something relevant for the medium term.

7. More companies hiring Online Marketing Managers

Big trend in the US and other larger areas. Locally most online marketing managers are glorified DR practicioners or website maintainers. This is from my experience anyway. (note: I am not having a dig at DR people here, all I’m saying is ‘online marketing’ is a lot more than DR)

8. More Vertical Ad Networks

I agree 100% here – if it doesn’t happen, it should. Smart, industry aware vertical ad networks have huge potential in terms of value and giving advertisers access to mid tail and premium websites. Too much attention and $$$ focussed on the head in AU.

9. Google will begin to acquire vertical advertising networks

I doubt this will happen. It doesn’t fit with Google’s overall mission. That’s not to say it might acquire technology companies which assist/faciliate this process.

Ben –


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