Hey Hulu.com – come to Australia asap!

Ben Shepherd writes: I love Hulu – it’s so good. TV on demand … all the shows I like, when I like them.

Only downer is it’s IP blocked to anyone outside the US.

There was talk last year Hulu were in town talking to the local TV stations about launching a local version. My sentiment then was Hulu didn’t really need to work with the local guys, as between the two parents (NBCU and Fox) they pretty much had all the shows people would want to watch.

It would be very interesting reading to get a true idea of torrent popularity in AU and the TV shows that are driving the increased usage of torrent programs.

I think we’d find a lot of shows available to US eyeballs on Hulu would be in the top 20. More often than not these shows are downloaded illegally via torrent because torrent is effectively the only way to see them. Either they don’t air in AU, or they air infrequently, or they air in dud times (ie past 10:30)

I’m talking awesome shows like …
– 30 Rock (big in US, not even sure when it airs here)
– Family Guy (big in AU but no idea when 7 shows it)
– American Dad
– The Office US
– Daily Show (on Foxtel at a reasonable hour but that and the Colbert Report are saving “Comedy” Channels ass here in AU)
– Bones
– 24
– Prison Break

I’m not one to hate on the TV networks for pushing these shows into average timeslots – I am aware that for a mass audience they probably don’t generate the ratings required to get sufficient ROI for the airtime they are in … but I do feel that these shows have a sufficient enough audience to be sustainable via a channel like Hulu in AU.

Whats more, Hulu could kick start video advertising online properly in this country … something that is still yet to happen (attention Fairfax … TV isn’t running ads in a media player, TV is actual TV shows)

Hulu. Please come to australia and bring your awesome shows with you. It will keep me entertained and will also help evolve the local online video offering beyond the dark ages where it currently is.

Liam Walsh writes: Australia is a ways behind with getting tv shows viewable online.  Not sure it is the dark ages though. We are a smaller country and it is ahrd to make money from online video.

Revenue is still low for advertising supported video. When this grows, there will be more options for businesses like Hulu, notwithstanding the obvious challenges about rights management.

More importantly, again it is time to challenge Ben on his taste, namely

Prison Break

When did these things become good shows?


6 responses to “Hey Hulu.com – come to Australia asap!

  1. Hey Ben, do you have any more detail on Hulu and the outcome of their chats with the networks?

    Very interesting.

    I agree. Bring it on.

    Let’s start a petition.

    Anything that puts the networks on their toes is good for audiences and brands alike.

  2. I believe that, like most things that are big in the US, Australia is not the market to go to straight awayfor HULU and they came down out of politeness, and I assume (I know assuming is not a good thing per se) that there would be about 145 countries pleading for HULU to come there as well. We just have to be patient and realize that we are going to be able to enjoy HULU exactly then when the US has something completely new again that we need that kicks HULU’s ass, that we then want…. pretty pattern has been there for a while now 🙂 In the meantime, I vote for Girls of the Playboy Mansion at primetime…

  3. 30 Rock was airing in the same slot as The Office… I wonder how long it will take commercial networks to realise they need to at least gives these shows a chance before they can them.

  4. On ten.com.au we have 8 Australian show’s available for viewing Website 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Over 300,000 episodes of Rush and 400,000 episodes of +Neighbours are watched in in full (by Australians) every month.

    Based on the above, the market is ‘ready’ for a Hulu type model as I am sure if we made our US shows available in high def for viewing / download the audience would follow.

  5. On ten.com.au we have 8 Australian show’s available to watch – on demand – 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Over 300,000 episodes of Rush and 400,000 episodes of Neighbours are watched online, in full (by Australians) every month.

    Based on the above, the market is ‘ready’ for a Hulu type model as I am sure if we made our US shows available in high def for viewing / download, the audience would follow.

  6. talkingdigital

    oops – the following
    – Bones
    – 24
    – Prison Break

    are not good shows. well … i don’t know if they are as i’ve never watched them.

    i shouldn’t fling the word ‘awesome’ around so frivolously.

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