Ad Networks/Third Party sellers now ‘audited’

Ben Shepherd writes: I was reading AdNews yesterday and noticed that the Interactive Advertising Networks of Australia (IANA) are now auditing their site lists via the ABC.

How honourable!

My question – why did it take a load of trade press heat, customer complaints, damage to the industry and general dodgy behaviour for this to become a reality. Much of this was caused by IANA ‘members’ too.

IANA says anyone who doesn’t comply with the conditions will be suspended from the association. My gut tells me this isn’t really a deterrant considering the IANA doesn’t really hold much currency with the market.

Lets see where it all goes shall we …

Liam Walsh writes: Sounds like a good initiative. We haven’t seen anything on it at Drive so if anybody has some detail on it can you please shoot it through. Also does anybody know if the IAB were involved in it?


2 responses to “Ad Networks/Third Party sellers now ‘audited’

  1. I think this is certainly better than having nothing police the networks, especially in light of recent problems with ads appearing on sites that they should not have been on. Agree with Liam that this is a good initiative and it will provide a level of comfort to those who are looking at purchasing media from them. It won’t solve all the problems but its a start…

  2. The IAB has not been involved in this audit as this is an initiative purely instigated and carried out by IANA.

    However, the IAB has been reviewing audit processes and criteria from international IABs in other markets with a view to creating a broader industry standard of audited v non-audited sites here in Australia. This requires more work and is likely to evolve into a draft policy in the second half of 09, after consultation with IAB members, the MFA and potential auditors.

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