Great thoughts from Tony Thomas

regarding Social Media, here –

“It’s amusing to see commentary like this being bandied around amongst some of the media community who are clearly ill informed and have little to no understanding of the broader media landscape. It’s not doing social media any favors making these statements and it makes the industry look amateurish. Don’t get me wrong, social media will be essential in building ongoing brand and consumer relationships in the future, but it’s never going to make all other forms of media extinct.”

“Traditional media will never be more alive with a strong foundation of social media. ”

More please Tony!


One response to “Great thoughts from Tony Thomas

  1. I’m always amused by this sort of commentary, as a lover of so-called traditional media and because of one simple point: where would ‘social media’ be without newspapers, broadcasters and other old media?? SO much of what is Twittered, Facebooked, MySpaced and especially blogged links to articles and multi-media produced by traditional media outlets. I often wonder what we’d all talk about if we had to come up with original ideas ourselves…

    More at:

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