Networks to get audited. What about the portals?

Liam Walsh writes: The IANA, customers (via the MFA) and the IAB all have an interest in getting ‘networks’ audited. The process has been far from seamless and there are quite a few more wrinkles to come before we get to a sensible place.

Because there are so many pirates involved in the network area, there is very real concern from advertisers around getting some audit in place. And some of the pirates are repeat or as they say in American basketball, three-peat offenders.

What hasn’t been mentioned yet is that the portals now operate in this area and at this stage seem to be sitting outside the process thinking it doesn’t include them.

Each of the portals runs a network of some description and all of them either have or are soliciting third party inventory into their performance programmes.

Some of these portals include full site lists in their network, some don’t.

The issue of whether they include or do not include all sites is not the issue. If anybody is running a network that includes non owned and operated inventory they will need to be audited.

In short, portals will need to be audited too.



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