Optus join mobile advertising game

Ben Shepherd writes: Optus have finally launched an advertising proposition on their mobile network.


They have also ceased their relationship with ninemsn across their Optuszoo portal … and have redesigned the site (it looks great). It appears they are taking a ‘best of the web’ type approach with the optuszoo.com.au page … which would translate well to mobile (ie a mix of on deck and off deck)

Putting 2 and 2 together I’d say Optus is gearing up to launch a multi platform advertising offering. All the elements are in place and they could easily add elements around in game and in store (heck, Vodafone even sell ad space on their paper and pdf monthly bills … )

Personally I think it’s exciting … the more options we have in this space the better. I am also a fan of the Optus brand and like the way they go about things … some of their consumer and business marketing is really well realised, especially around their ISP area (the Switzer b2b initiative was great as is the broadband menu activity). The mobile area is interesting and whilst it is incredibly early days (reminds me of the web around the late 90’s) once they get some standardised measurement and learn more about how mobile users interact with ads it could become a really smart way for some categories to reach consumers.

Jennifer Wilson did a great preso at the AIMIA Future of Digital Advertising (which I didn’t attend but have seen the preso’s) you should read – http://www.aimia.com.au/enews/events/FODA/JenniferWilsonPresentation.pdf

Here’s the question for Optus – why aren’t you selling this yourself? Media becomes really interesting for both the owner and the advertiser when the group selling it is the group that is running it.

They are using 3Di to sell the assets. It would be just as easy for Optus to hire their own team – one could set it up for around $1m ballpark and not need to hand over commisions to a sales company.

Liam will probably agree with me but I just don’t see the logic here.

Liam Walsh does agree: Damn you Shepherd for being able to pre-empt what I would think.

I am not opposed to outsourced sales all the time though. Sometimes, in fact often, it makes a lot of sense. If there was a specialist mobile specialist who did agency media sales then it would be interesting. I don’t know of any however I guess you have been approached st some stage Ben?

If there isn’t one then I would be doing this myself too, if I were Optus that is. They could always just outsource the remnant:)

Mobile sure is the new internet. Lots of excitment, very little money, no measurement and no idea how to get it going. What their is, much like internet was, is a strong will to make it happen and a knowledge it will be all pervasive.

It is also very similar with the walled garden thinking that existed with the early AOL. Mostl likely mobile will head in same direction, that is, off-deck.


2 responses to “Optus join mobile advertising game

  1. re: there being no specialist mobile ad sales agencies – what do you guys know of The Hyperfactory (www.thehyperfactory.com) and their local off-shot, Snakk Media (http://snakkmedia.com/sydney.html)? Got cold-called by them very recently, as they have just set up in Australia and must be shopping around for business. From what little I know of them, they appear to be a specialist mobile player, with relationships with various handset manufacturers and big advertisers. Would be interested in your thoughts on them, if you can do a bit of investigating on my behalf … 🙂

  2. I don’t know much about the Hyper Factory … main one I think that could easily walk into this market and grab share is admob … good offering, good dashboard, strong distribution. There’s definitely potential for someone to own off-deck in AU.

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