Linked In makes money

Liam Walsh writes: I am sure Ben will shudder when he sees how brief this post is:)

Relatively speaking Linkedin is a minnow in the social media industry. Yet as you can read yourself, it is very different , it makes money.

It has three revenue lines; ads, subs and employment. This is unique to digital media in any context.

It is absolutely my favourite business outside of Microsoft. It knows what it has to do, it is grown-up and it has no competitors.

Ben Shepherd writes: I like LinkedIn but question how it can be so profitable. It either has really low expenses or much higher uptake in the US … or both.

Locally it hasn’t seen much growth in the past 12 months. How well can it work in AU? I’m unsure – it’s one of those things you sign up for and don’t really come back to. In the US they are obsessed with networking – go to a function in the US and you are bombarded with business cards … not so much here. US MBA types in chino’s and blue shirts love the network hustle.

I think the biggest beneficiaries of LinkedIn locally have been recruiters and o/s sales people – most of my inmail either comes from recruiters or people wanting my advice on the local market or a chance to pitch.


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