The misuse of ‘accountable’

Ben Shepherd writes: Every heard someone in digital mention the word ‘accountable’? I bet $1,000 you have. It’s the digital cliche we had to have.

‘Digital media is the only accountable media.’

‘Media dollars will move to more accountable channels, hence digital will benefit’

‘No other media is accountable’

This comes out of the mouths of many – the problem is they use the word ‘accountable’ when they should use the word ‘measureable’.

There is a big difference between the two and it would help the digital world if it began to understand this.

Ditto for those who think ‘analysis’ is purely outputting numbers.


One response to “The misuse of ‘accountable’

  1. This is the most contentious issue facing digital today, that and transparency in reporting and metrics. So many client don’t really know what they are really getting. It would be great if the IAB would / could publish a set of principals or guidelines.

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