Qantas sure make credit cards interesting


Liam writes: Credit cards marketing has rarely been this interesting and it took an airline to do it.

I will state out front that I love Qantas. I love the big red kangaroo, I love the grown up stewards who don’t think they are funny, I love the lounge, I love not having to look at ads in front of me for hours unless I pay to have them removed, I like proper sized planes.

Of course I am not a credit card issuer so I can have this luxury.

In what must have been a pained series of conversations, Qantas have gone out and said people must choose. They have done so on a grand scale in all forms of media.

I personally am leaning at choosing a Qantas card over my existing as I want the points, it is great value and unlike everybody else in the world I always get a seat on my points.

What has been truly remarkable is how the main issuing banks seems to have been deathly quiet on all of it. My bank, Westpac hasn’t given me any guidance on it and I can’t find any at the website. I would like to know what Westpac recommend but I can’t see anything?

Can anybody give me some background on the issue?


2 responses to “Qantas sure make credit cards interesting

  1. I got an email from Virgin the other day saying that the communication from Qantas was misleading. A small excerpt:

    If you’re a QANTAS Frequent Flyer you may have recently received communications suggesting that you consider moving points earned with credit and charge cards to their program by the end of March.

    You don’t have to do anything of the sort

    * You can keep reward points with your bank or charge card provider ’til whenever you wish (within the bounds of your program of course).
    * The way we see it, it seems unfair that someone else is suggesting what you do with your points. That’s a choice for you alone to decide.
    * And just to set the record straight, the act of doing nothing (not moving those credit and charge card points) does not mean you’re about to lose them. All it means is that you prefer having a say in the matter of your points and how you choose to use them.

  2. @Dave – The Frequent Flyer comms are not misleading, they are just issuing a strong call-to-action (gasp!). It is true that some card partners will not allow you to transfer after March 31st, but each card has its own terms and conditions meaning a partner-wide campaign would require a more general call-to-action.

    Qantas Frequent Flyer is the dominant loyalty card program in Australia. In making such a bold move for consolidation I am surprised that Virgin Blue have not done more to challenge them (especially in the eyes of its Velocity card partners).

    – Disclosure: I work for one of Qantas’ agencies

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