Go Monique!

Liam writes: Well Monique has hung up her shingle at Tempest.

There are still quite a few people in their late 30s and early 40s who still complain about the dotcom millionaires who were at the right place at the right time.

It was a pretty random thing that happened and occasionally still happens.

Monique never complained about it, well not to me anyway. She did complain quite a bit about other things, mostly my inability to return calls, she is not alone there.

I have to commend Monique most highly as she just got on with the job, worked EXTREMELY hard, put her money at risk, started a business before the crash,  went through it, came out the other side and now she is relatively minted!

Be interesting to see how well Tempest can go without Monique, when big personalities leave a business it always leaves a hole. I will miss her relatively brutal quotes in the press:) Always good reading.

Enjoy the beach Monique.

Ben Shepherd writes: I must say I am envious of what Mon has accomplished.

She set the standard for outsourced digital sales in AU and was a huge player in making carsales the beast it is today … not to mention showing the big guys a thing or two about working the local market. When Adconion bought Tempest in 2007 it was absolutely a best in breed operator and that had been driven bigtime by Monique.

She is down to earth and a great person to share a beer with. I am sure she will be missed by the Tempest team but also the agencies and clients she dealt with.

Make sure you look us up when you’re in Melbourne!


3 responses to “Go Monique!

  1. Hear Hear!
    Best wishes to Monique – a great home grown pioneer and success story in our industry – and a true inspiration. Enjoy your break Mon – and can’t wait to see what you turn your hand to next.

  2. All credit to the one who takes the credit even if it is often deserved by others who go unrecognised. More fool them for allowing the limelight and the cash to be greedily taken by others. Sell out others for personal gain – Long live greed – greed is good.

  3. Go Mon!!
    What a genuine legend and there aint too many of them in the Oz dig scene…
    Could walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
    Enjoy a well deserved break Mon although I bet she wont know what to do with herself after so much hard work for so long..

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