Ben Shepherd writes: So the IAB has launched their Oz website. It’s an improvement on the past website.

What struck me as weird is the site has a case study section – great initiative as that is often a complaint that there is a lack of good, robust case studies in the local market – but you have to be a member (which costs north of $2k) to access them.

Seriously IAB – this is kind of silly.

“Please note that some case studies are available to IAB Members only. If you’re already an IAB Member, please email iabaustralia@iabaustralia.com.au to request your login details. If you’d like to join, visit the Membership section.”

The same situation happens if you want to access any of the ‘research’ too – even though this is all research publishers/agencies generally give away for free and most is accessible elsewhere.

Erm … IAB, what is the rationale for this? In the US – which has a far superior website as well as far deeper opinion and analysis – this content is accessible for everyone.

As it should be.

Liam writes: Ben I appreciate the sentiment here that it would be great if it were free, however our little country does not enjoy the same scale as the US. I am not privvy to the IAB however the case studies cost money and someboday has to pay.

Also, the paying members of the IAB, should expect to get access to various things for that membership that others don’t.

It feels like some chicken and egg here. Once the industry is large enought then publishers may be able to subsidise all case studies, however there still needs to be advantages in being a member of the IAB and these are an example of the benefits of membership.

It would be great if more case studies were shared across the board but of course advertisers and agencies are keen to protect the insights they have paid for. Ultimately we have to pay for very useful information, this doesn’t feel like a bad thing?


One response to “IAB WTF

  1. A hard one…I suppose the IAB need to get funding somehow. I haven’t had a chance to look through the case studies in detail but the membership is a small price to pay for the service that they are ‘starting’ to offer.

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