It’s my last day at Mindshare

Ben Shepherd writes: At the end of this week I finish up at Mindshare after 2 enjoyable years.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people and some fantastic brands. Honestly, I can say I have learnt something new everyday since I have been at Mindshare.

Whilst I won’t miss the commute down Hoddle St/Punt Road every day, I will miss the place and the people who make it what it is. I’ll also miss the fantastic clients I worked on.

I had the pleasure of working with Disney on the film launches for Race To Witch Mountain, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Narnia Prince Caspian, Enchanted, National Treasure II, Doubt, Bolt and more with Kari, Gina, Peta, Nisha and their team. The first year I was at Mindshare I worked on Walt Disney Home Entertainment across loads of DVD launches including Pirates II, The Jungle Book, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives and more.

Mauds and I covered Ford over the last 2 years working on launches for Ford Fiesta, the new Ford Falcon, Ford Mondeo and the Ford Small Cars campaign; plus initiatives for Ford Territory and Dealers. Ford’s willingness to experiment and the wider Mindshare’s team embrace of digital made Ford a client that you could really push the boundaries with. Thankyou Andy Hoang, David Owen, Michael Risby, Cam Hook and everyone else!

Kraft Foods has been a great challenge – integrating digital into the mix for brands like Easy Mac, Singles, Philadelphia and Vegemite. Iconic brands.

iinet is a brand I love and worked very hard on since early 2007 when they did some of their first digital work. In that time the work we’ve produced together has been nominated for numerous awards and generated some amazing results across their launch into Sydney, Brisbane, the Naked DSL launch, the Apple activity and Super 14 and EPL promotions plus our kick ass SEM activity. Sc0tt, Matt, Andy, Rach, Gemma, Mark White – thanks for your co-operation and patience. Team Meerkats – Mike, Ronnie, Mark etc – you guys are champions.

A few people I want to give special thanks to …

Ben Maudsley – I came to Mindshare to work with Ben as not only do we share the same name, but we shared a want to produce really kick ass work. Now, Ben and I often disagree (very often) on things but we have tremendous respect for eachother and Ben has always encouraged opinion and input from the entire group. There’s no ego with the guy and I will really miss working with him every day.

Tyler Greer – I’ve known the force for years and was pretty pumped when he decided to join us at Mindshare. Super smart guy, puts up with my shit jokes and he’s a great sounding board. Tyler – you know I think the world of you even though you are wrong on the Supercoach algorhythm 😉

Mark McCraith – I really wanted to hate Mark after he gave me a deadleg for no reason in the office about 18 months ago … I mean, who the hell does that? … but it’s impossible to because he knows how to get you to produce your best. Mark is like a great coach … a good mix of support, keeping you in line and constant challenging. He’s about to become a Dad and I’m sure he’ll be amazing at that.

Louise Noble – she is a mega ballbreaker but she has taught me a thing or ten about media and opened my eyes around digital. Like Mark, she is someone who makes you better at your job solely by working with her

John Petropoulos – I don’t know how happy Yanni is that I chose to leave MS, but he was always a supportive boss and makes time every day to speak to EVERYONE in the office and get across the work they are doing and how they are feeling. Very diplomatic, very fair and a great guy.


5 responses to “It’s my last day at Mindshare

  1. Hey Ben,

    I should know this but where are you going??

  2. Ben, good luck with whatever you’re doing next.

  3. Good luck Shepherd. Mindshare will be the poorer for having lost your digital wisdom. Kick goals in the new role. Or at least play an influential midfield role which supplies to the goal kicker – also very important. Greer.

  4. Ah,

    Maxus it is!

    Good Luck Ben!

  5. Hey Ben, sad to see you leave but big congratulations from all of us. You’ve been an absolute gem to iiNet and the restructuring you’ve worked so hard on, especially over the last six months, will make sure the team have a flawless foundation to work on. Keep in touch and best of luck!

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