Some changes at Talking Digital

Just wanted to get everyone across some changes at Talking Digital.

Firstly, and sadly, Liam has decided to take a bit of a back seat on the blog and focus on other things. He still will be posting but not as much as I’d like him to be … with a little luck we can win him back. This now also means I need to work on being a little more insightful and less ranty otherwise this could become a blog version of Statler and Waldorf, but with me assuming the roles of both …

Secondly, I started a new role today. I am working at Maxus as their National Digital Director. It’s exciting and daunting but day one was pretty damn good so I am pumped for day two. I have a real belief in what Maxus is doing globally and can’t wait until we can start talking about publicly.

Edit: My blog doesn’t appear to be on the new smart company so don’t look for it at the moment as you won’t find it. Have asked for an idea of when if will go back up. Thirdly, I have become part of the Smart Company ( blog network and will be doing a weekly blog around Digital Marketing Trends.  This won’t impact Talking Digital – it will still be the same as it always was (well … not quite as Liam won’t be posting as much) but I will try and get some guest people in to write (David Gaines I am looking at you)

Lastly, Eloise and I have set a date for the wedding which is all very exciting. Now it’s time to organise the thing!

Liam adds: Well Ben am I getting a seat on the table with the bride and groom or up the back on the work table? 

I really like the new image you got for the front page too.

I am off to start investigating boomers online in more detail instead of posting here. It is a fascinating area and one I look forward to learning more about.

Ben can I keep my log-in? Go on, let me keep it!


5 responses to “Some changes at Talking Digital

  1. Shep – Congrats on your new role and Maxus is privileged to have you kick some online revenue goals.

    Also, congrats with your wedding. Maybe some mini-sheps running around soon?

    Best wishes,

  2. I never liked Liam’s stuff anyway!

  3. lostateminor

    Hey Ben – nice work on the role and new gig with Smart Company. Please call out when first post goes up.

    Regarding Maxus Global – can you explain how a company of its standing does not have a website (and appears not to have since 2007)?

    I know corporate sites are often neglected etc, but seriously – no website?? They’re letting other firms have complete control of their message.

  4. Congrats Shep.
    You seem to have hit a purple patch old boy.
    Tim J

  5. I agree with Mal…what interest could there have possibly been in Liam’s thoughts anyway? I am a little perturbed that he’s now going to be “investigating boomers online in more detail” is that Big White Boomers, Snow White Boomers…with thanks to Rolf Harris?

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