Facebook launching local office this month

Very reliable sources tell me to expect Facebook to begin local operations within the next few weeks. This include sales and it will be based out of Sydney.

Now they can get cracking on truly realising the potential of their staggering local audience.

3 key questions

1/ What will be Facebook’s compelling sell to market?
2/ Would it consider setting up its own performance network?
3/ Can they reach the $20m+ AUD sales target being placed on their head from the US as well as the million dollar deals that are expected?

I think it’ll be interesting and am excited about what they can bring with local operations and ideally some localised ad ideas.


2 responses to “Facebook launching local office this month

  1. A little off topic, but according to their jobs page (http://www.facebook.com/jobs/index.php), these positions are still available in Sydney:
    – Account Executive
    – Account Planner
    – Associate Account Manager

  2. Nielsen says they have 5million+ monthly active UBs.

    But can they get $20m in 1st year? Not unless they set up their own performance network and can get small-medium business advertisers with $100-$500 a month budgets on board in the same way Google did 5 years ago.

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