AFL season starts in 3 weeks (seriously!) and I am beyond pumped.

I like AFL so much I am a member of 2 teams and am thinking of having 3 this year (I support Collingwood, my fiancee supports North and I have a man crush on worlds best bloke Matthew Richardson so also like Richmond). I reckon last year I watched 80% of games … it’s basically the only reason I have Foxtel.

But there’s one thing that might actually be more enjoyable than watching football. It’s Supercoach

Is this thing the best thing the Internet has ever produced?

In 2007 I wanted a client to sponsor it but unfortunately it was too Vic skewed for them. The TAC nabbed it and have been a sponsor ever since.

Why do I love supercoach

1/ It’s 100% Footy related.
2/ It gives you reasons to come back
3/ It rewards you for your loyalty and dedication
4/ You can spend as little or as many time as you’d like on it
5/ It brings out your competitive streak
6/ It connects you and your mates with a common love – footy

The things I really love about Supercoach don’t happen online – it happens in the office and in the pub and at the game.

Any AFL fans – get into it. I’d say they’re going to get close to 350,000 users this year … which is an astonishing effort. Imagine the potential will all that data …


6 responses to “Supercoach

  1. Well said Ben. It’s amazing how fast Fantasy AFL is growing. And it is great fun.

    One thing you’re forgetting though – Dream Team!

    AFL Dream Team is the original and by far the best.

    Live scores, scores on your mobile, better points system, more prizes, official AFL endorsement etc etc

    It is Coke – SuperCoach is Pepsi 🙂

  2. The best quote I’ve heard about Supercoach (and its ilk) is that it is just like Dungons and Dragons for bogans..

  3. talkingdigital

    not a bad analogy. what are you trying to say tommy? 😉

  4. Dream Team is not the original – SuperCoach was in the market ahead of Dream Team. Also, SC is far better as a game, as it actually rewards the better players. DT rewards the guys who get cheap kicks in a blowout. SC rewards the guys who win the matches. Just look at the top 5 from any match in the respective points scoring. SC also has a higher first prize. And yes, I do work for News, but still, if you look at the scoring, SC is a better game.

  5. Actually, Finn, Dream Team was in the market many, many years before SuperCoach. 🙂

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