News doing social media for trade promotion and getting it wrong

Ben Shepherd writes:

I can see how this idea came about but not really sure of the value to anyone here.

It’s basically asking media people to spam their mates on social networks about News’s Where Idea Spread trade initiative and in doing so they could win a trip to Cannes.

See … being the most connected person in media doesn’t really equate to having the most Facebook friends you can spam.

A few issues exist here

1/ There’s no incentive for the people who are being spammed … I’ve already had 3 people try and add me to their WIS group and it’s already tired
2/ The exchange seems a bit one way … News get access to a wider net of, ahem, media professionals … but the media professional doesn’t really get much.
3/ These sorts of trade incentives are dubious at the best of times. Incentivising media people to read your collateral with the potential for prizes or cash raises some issues.

No doubt this will get some traction with some media people – but you have to wonder what the real ultimate gain will be once it’s all said and done … ie, will the trade have a better idea of what News Limited ad products can offer?


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