Ad:Tech Sydney starts tomorrow …

So Ad:Tech Sydney starts tomorrow and it appears to look a little different this year to previous ones.

We touched on this earlier in the year and Jenny Williams gave us some good feedback on what was going through their minds as they prepared the Ad:Tech agenda for 2009.

For 2009 Ad:Tech appears to have focused more on 2 things – case studies from advertisers (not their comms agencies … very little comms agency involvement in this years programme) and less attention on online advertising and more on the wider gamut of ‘digital services’.

How will it go? Who knows, I guess we’ll see in 2 ways over the next few days … attendance and feedback.

I was a little lukewarm on a few of the sessions but overall I think it looks pretty solid.

My hope is it doesn’t turn into an expensive sales pitch for digital service companies flogging mobile advertising, social media, consultancy seeding etc OR a conference that doesn’t properly address the role of digital in the wider communications mix OR (and this is the one I really doesn’t hope happens) a traditional media bashing session where there’s loads of graphs comparing media time spend as a % compared with digital spending as a %.

Still, I doubt this will happen and if it does I think the crowd will pick up on it pretty quickly.

So what am I looking forward to?

STOP PRESS: I have been told DGM have a ping pong table at their stand – complete with Australian olympian Kyle Davis. (thanks Pascoe)

1/ Nick O’Brien from Mediabrands keynote on the Tuesday morning. The description is interesting and timely – economic downturns are often the catalysts for invention. Tuesday.

2/ Digital strategy development. Curious to see how deep this session goes in giving the audience a look into how Diageo and NRMA approach digital and strategy. Again – really hope this addresses how digital strategy ties into OVERALL strategy – both ATL and BTL. Tuesday.

3/ Kym Niblock from’s Keynote on the Wednesday morning. Half of this session is Q&A so it provides a valuable opportunity to ask a global leader some questions. Wednesday.

4/ Does Last Click Win? Click attribution (or misattribution) is such an important topic and one that still doesn’t really get much attention. This session has a lot of potential … I still question why there’s no one from Atlas or Doubleclick involved however. Wednesday.

5/ Online Metrics – What, How and Who Should Care. Again – vital. Bad campaigns are generally borne from bad metrics (or no metrics). Very important. Wednesday.

6/ Mobile Web 3.0. Jennifer Wilson is presenting this and generally her presentations are very, very good. Recommended for anyone who wants a no bullshit, straight to the point debrief on the current state of mobile. Wednesday

I’m also taking part in the Content and its Context in Digital Media panel discussion at 4:30 on Wednesday … come and say hello!


One response to “Ad:Tech Sydney starts tomorrow …

  1. Will definitely try and catch you mate. Do message me when you get in! Would be great to catch up.

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