Google and local publishers potential face off

Ben Shepherd writes: So there’s some talk in the press that some local publishers are a little concerned around Google’s move into behavioural targeting.

The Oz covers it today –,28124,25190018-7582,00.html

Ed Smith from News: “Anything that gives audiences more relevant advertising is interesting but it’s going to be very important that we protect the value and integrity of the audiences we build.”

“The value and integrity of the audiences we build.” Interesting phrasing.

The concern is around Google generating audience insight data around these sites and potentially offering the same eyeballs elsewhere at a better price.

I don’t see the problem really and think it’s making a mountain out of a molehil.

Retargeting is not the biggest threat facing the publishers whatsoever – it’s more of an add on than a replacement. Audiences are everywhere on the Internet and one could safely assume that the audiences News Digital Media “builds” are on hundreds of other sites every month.

The only way it can truly be a threat is if the context of these so-called premium placements doesn’t play a role. I actually believe it does. What this probably reflects is a lack of understanding around the benefits of ad technologies that profile based on behaviour.

Still, the publishers could stop this right in its tracks if they’re so worried –  they could remove the Google search ads from their sites. Yep, those text ones they litter around the other display ads they claim are so ‘premium’.

By doing this they’d remove a heap of clutter and get rid of Google’s tags.

Oh yeah, it would get rid of the revenue too. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


2 responses to “Google and local publishers potential face off

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  2. Ben, as you know, I couldn’t agree more.

    Apologies for the title, (News Ltd) changed it from the original “How can you steal what no one owns?”,25197,25057633-13243,00.html

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