Great Target takeover on Gawker


I love Gawker Media’s ad products – they are original and have impact … exactly what we’re after generally.

This one for Alexander McQueen’s new range at Target US is especially strong.

Above is the initial ad execution – impactful but not dumb. After 10 or so seconds it transitions into the below.


Further down the page there’s another interactive unit which allows you to view the range. They have also themed the page to match the colours of the McQueen range.


Fantastic – and similar executions are available on Allure Media (which has some of the local Gawker brands). See below todays (Wed 18 March) Bond takeover.



2 responses to “Great Target takeover on Gawker

  1. Hey Shep,

    Yes, great execution. Without trying to sound too ‘salesy’, this type of custom execution is something that we are regularly running across the Gawker sites locally we publish – Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Defamer. The benefit to the advertiser is that we build them in-house, and our user’s are spending up to 20 mintues on our sites on an average session really allows for the user to engage with the content and message being integrated onto the page. If you have a look at the sites today you’ll see something we’ve integrated for the Bond DVD release.

    Hopefully this type of integration moves some of the discussion away from CTR and more to engagement and impact.


  2. Couldn’t agree more with this. In order for online to grow from ~10% of ad spend in Australia and to properly compete with TV on branding spend, we need to offer a much better advertising space.

    With TV, people watch 30 seconds + of a full screen ad. A standard IAB ad is miles away from matching this branding experience. This is showing in historic CTRs – which are lower than they really should be.

    Nice post Ben.

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