Meadownick lady = Internet sensation


I was at a family function for my fiancee (try saying that 3 times fast) the other day and Roger (fellow Groupm employee as well) started talking about the Eye Dancing lady on the Meadownick ads.

It took a few minutes but then I realised who he meant!

I’m not sure whether this ad is VIC only but it’s certainly got people talking on Facebook.

46,666 people have joined the group ‘Haters of Medownick Eye Dancing lady’ –

And there’s 4,000 odd posts where people talk about their contempt for her eye-jinx (boom).

I’m not naive enough to think this would be a new phenomenon … this sort of thing has been topical and discussed around water coolers, playgrounds, classrooms, pubs etc for ages – remember the CAR CITY guy with the funny eyes …  He was mega-famous and still is amongst 25-35 year olds who remember advertising more than their high school education!

What makes Medownick eye dancing lady a bit more interesting is the discussion is centralised and you can track how it spreads throughout groups.


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