Facebook/Myspace/Twitter – the numbers


Data includes February 2009. From Nielsen Netview. Edit: I am measuring unique users.

If you want other data … get a Nielsen account 😉 I will say Facebook is killing the others when it comes to time spent/pages viewed (ie, the engagement metrics). Average time spent on Twitter per month is just over 9 minutes (3 hours for Facebook) with on average 3 visits per month.

I am sure people will dispute these or use Hitwise figures which don’t really, y’know, tell a story of any meaning. How many of the social media experts actually have access to data about the platforms they claim are changing the world. I have never seen a Twitter preso with real local data.

Sure, Twitter is up – growing at significant rates off low base. Facebook down month on month but is the leader now by a mile and is the most sticky site in AU. Myspace – down, down, down numbers and engagement wise over past 15 months but respectable numbers and still strong and shifting focus towards content initiatives.

Re Julian’s question below about Tweetdeck – to be honest I don’t know.


2 responses to “Facebook/Myspace/Twitter – the numbers

  1. Ben, you are not even telling us what you are measuring here?!?!?! Visitors, time on site, unique members?

    Do you think it would also take account, the time people are spending on tweetdeck and other third party providers?

  2. I read this (or similar) somewhere else recenetly and it made the point that it measured twitter website only – not users on apps like tweetdeck or mobile. Would be interesting to see what the addition of those numbers would do to the graph, but it still wouldn’t come close to facebook – yet

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