Lord at V21

Awesome … Richard Lord from Hyro has launched into a ‘digital is not taken seriously’ rant at the V21 event.

B&T cover it here – http://www.bandt.com.au/news/1A/0C05F61A.asp

“Richard Lord, chief marketing officer of digital firm Hyro, said: “The conversation about digital marketing has been purloined by advertising agencies, who just talk about online ads,” he said. “But there are, in fact, a lot of dollars that need to be spent in order to do online ads.“But organisations are still not taking this investment as seriously as they should in order to innovate and be successful in the new digital environment.”Speaking at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association’s (AIMIA) V21 conference, Lord said: “With smaller marketing budgets, businesses have to invest in digital. No longer can the scraps of a marketing budget be spent on digital after a flashy TVC is made. Digital is now the only answer in this changed environment.””

Excerpt above taken from B&T

Personally I love digital services companies that are also complete experts in how ad/media agencies view online and how they recommend and incorporate it into the wider mix.


7 responses to “Lord at V21

  1. I recently wrote a piece for Digital Ministry that takes another view on this – that while technologies and use of digital media have changed and grown massively over the last 15 years, other things remain frustrating – i.e. we’re still battling with advertisers over the credibility of the medium and why they should spend more than “scraps” on it.

    If we’ve still got this basic issue, then the way we’ve been doing things (i.e. separating digital) hasn’t worked particularly well. Maybe we need to start embracing the rest of the industry (many of whom have the ears and trust of their clients) rather than continuing to antagonise them with an “us vs. them” attitude.

  2. I think they’ll be a trend for that approach. Next week I have a meeting with a digital publisher who has asked for session on just that – how do we speak to other agencies/ work with other agencies/ convince clients with a different perspectives etc, etc. I think for all concerned it’ll be a real eye opener and hopefully a constructive one

  3. Great one industry idiot talking about another industry idiot the quality of this blog just gets better and better. Incidentally you’ve out done yourself in terms of plagiarism on this one, adding two more sentences to someone else’s work. This is above your normal 95% average of siphoning other peoples unoriginal misinformed rhetoric, unless it’s the “cash for comment feature” which Allure obviously covered this week.

  4. talkingdigital

    thanks for the comment toby t – i’ve been working for years on being acknowledged as an industry idiot so i’m pretty chuffed.

    just so i know, can you elaborate on my 95% average of siphoning others work? sure, i know most ‘industry’ blogs do this but i have always prided myself on having somewhat original, albeit misinformed, rants.

  5. talkingdigital

    btw Allure Media – my cheque hasn’t arrived. Pay up.

  6. Hey Shep, delayed pay run this month… cheque’s in the mail 😉
    @ Toby T, please feel free to contact me to discuss the reference above to paid comment. Allure’s switch is (02) 9947 2920.

  7. Richard Lord in Marketing Mag (March 09):

    “To suggest that any customer is going to have a ‘dialogue’ that extends beyond servicing a need they perceive the organisation is going to fulfil is misguided. ..I want a mechanism to initiate a service request, provide feedback on products and services, and occasionally be asked for my opinions.”

    Hyro = pinup of the Australian IT Backwater.

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