Good thinking never dates

Saw this the other day on the B&T website

“If, as a media agency, your only offering to a client is the ability to go and rent space on their behalf, then you are probably going to be in trouble. If, however, your role is in helping clients define who their business opportunity is as far as targets are concerned, drive and develop and build insights into how that audience engages with media and the role it plays in their lives, and then build the vision for how that brand is going to use media to build business, then you are selling a different product—you are selling thinking. That is not something that a media owner can offer in isolation because they cannot deliver the genuine objectivity that an independent agency can bring.”

Great quote and still relevant 3 years on. So … who was it?


2 responses to “Good thinking never dates

  1. It was one of the MDs or CEOs of a media agency wasn’t it (yes, more key strokes to type this, than to google the answer, but hey)

  2. James Greet from OMD =)

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