Myspace does ‘Kiss or Miss’


Myspace has launched its new content initiative ‘Kiss or Miss’ and it looks pretty solid from first impressions. It was developed in conjunction with Stickywood.

Now, by no means am I the target audience (not young, nor cool enough) but it’s very well produced, well edited and nicely packaged. Production wise it could easily find a home on Sub TV or even FTA (if FTA supported things like this, which it doesn’t generally)

Sponsors are on board – Bonds, Spring Valley and RSVP are involved – the fits seem natural.

Concept wise it feels a little like MTV’s dating suite of programs – with less cringeworthy planned spontaneity – and more honest. 

I like the direction myspace is heading with branded, video content. The Road Trip thing with Jabba wasn’t really my thing but it did show they are committed to offering users and advertisers more than just the standard elements which should be supported. Kiss or Miss is a big upgrade from Road Trip and shows there is a significant financial and time investment in making these sorts of ideas sing.

The real clincher is giving them a chance to succeed. This has to be given the right exposure to make sure it generates the momentum it deserves. Sounds easy, but often isn’t, and if done incorrectly can create some major hassles for everyone involved. The good thing here is that the content is solid – they are by no means flogging a turd here.

It’s one thing to create fantastic content online – it’s another thing to get it in front of the right people and for them to engage with it. Sure, these sorts of things aren’t about the same audience volumes as TV … but they are about generating as much relevant reach as possible and fostering engagement and advocacy. It will be interesting to see comms wise what is done to push this, both on Myspace and off.

Definitely one to keep an eye on –


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