ExecTweets launches – MSFT, Twitter and FM initiative


ExecTweets has launched in what is the first real ad/sponsor supported initiative with Twitter’s involvement/approval.

It’s an idea from John Battelle’s Federated Media


It’s basically an aggregator of Twitter messages from high end executives that use the service. Microsoft is the partner/sponsor.

Battelle on his  blog re the launch: “I’m proud of the work here, it reflects a lot of thinking about how to use conversations like Twitter to fuel what I hope is a value-added experience. In this case, we’re filtering for business-realated content from senior execs in various industries, like retail, healthcare, government, and more, and we’ve created a platform for community conversation, voting, input, and recommendations.”

So who’s the target for this? I’d imagine it’s relatively high end executives with some say on enterprise software purchasing decisions. Would it be useful? Possibly – it depends how many of them are already using Twitter and the quality of the Twitter messages that they are aggregating.

I’d expect this idea – or similar iterations – will  be rolled out around the traps. It’s simple, easy and relatively inexpensive. You could aggregate music personalities, actors, sports stars, famous for being famous celebrities, journalists etc etc

Mashable are saying this is partially a business model for Twitter – maybe … not sure how many of these things could be done before it gets a litte played out … in this case Twitter are getting some of the revenue.

I guess it will live and die by the results MSFT get as they’re the ones fronting the cash.


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