The Ideas Shop

Touched on this the other day recapping a quote by Ladder head honcho and ex OMD CEO James Greet

If your role is in helping clients define who their business opportunity is as far as targets are concerned, drive and develop and build insights into how that audience engages with media and the role it plays in their lives, and then build the vision for how that brand is going to use media to build business, then you are selling a different product—you are selling thinking.”

I like the idea of an ‘ideas shop’ and I like how it can be approached. I think if you approach a task with the want to solve a problem it points you generally in the right direction in terms of approach but more importantly in asking the right questions.

I also like the idea of an ideas shop as it’s ‘channel neutral’ – doesn’t start and end with media or traditional or digital or events or sampling. It’s a concept that requires deep data, client trust and transperency, real time analytics and a holistic view of all areas of communications. Well, that’s my thoughts.

Who is in the best position to really nail this concept of an ‘ideas shop’ and foster and faciliate these ideas? Is it already being done? Is it a pipe dream? Is it just fluff bullshit?


One response to “The Ideas Shop

  1. I think currently that area is owned by Strategy people whether they exist within Media Agencies, Creative Agencies or specialist ‘idea shops’ such as Naked…

    It can be very difficult to get media channel neutral ideas out of business management or digital people as the channels are so ingrained in their thought processes and no matter what the idea it is directly linked back to a channel execution (whether consciously or subconciously)

    I’d like to think of myself as an ‘ideas’ person but i am finding that i am going to have to forget everything i’ve ever been taught and completely restructure my thought processes to be able to do it….it’s a long road to embark upon but i’m having a go 🙂

    I think we should all give it a try….

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