3 things mobile advertising needs to do, and quickly

Yeah yeah, every year is the year of mobile … and with handsets like the iphone and N96 and touch screens it seems like soon we might actually have the ‘year of mobile’.

2009 I don’t think will be that year even though it looked possible towards the end of 2008. Still, mobile has a lot of potential but it is in danger of stagnating because there hasn’t been much innovation in the space in the past 18 months.

So what are three things mobile can do right now to improve its position

1/ Allow third party ad serving and measurement and create ad spec standards and allow external destinations. Easy to do – would help agencies and advertisers understand how the medium works in the wider mix and would give us audited results. Uniform ad specs would take down a big barrier – large amount of creatives and the cost incurred in building.

2/ Have a good think about costs. Mobile CPMs are too high and are sold on a shaky premise of higher engagement. If you’re selling mobile as a reach medium (which many are) then parity is required between other reach mediums both online and off. If you’re selling it as a DR/DM medium – again, consistency is required. More thought is required as to the costs of doing similar things offline. If you don’t want to change your costs, make sure your sales/biz dev people are bloody good at rationalising your position.

3/ Sell mobile in a language that people understand and make presentations interesting and thorough. Connect us to the mobile user and give us information that allows us to make advertising that is relevant and not annoying. Many complain that digital has its head up its own arse … mobile takes it to another level.


2 responses to “3 things mobile advertising needs to do, and quickly

  1. Would be really interested to know who you met with that inspired you to write this and also would love some clarity on the CPM point that you make.

    Care to detail?



  2. talkingdigital

    hi angus,

    No one in particular … just build up minor frustrations with the medium in general and it’s blinkers. I don’t think I’m alone. I guess it’s early days but it feels like the net 10+ years ago.

    Cheers, Ben

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