Sport and the digital channel

The MLB in the US has launched a new version of its mobile app – and it looks really cool.

Makes me wonder what our sporting codes are doing in this space. I had a quick look.

AFL -if you go to the site on your iphone it launches the normal web presence. The wap site doesn’t work on non Telstra phones. No AFL official app on iphone

NRL – same deal … on iphone the defaults to the normal web site. No WAP site. No iphone app.

Cricket Australia – same as above again. No open wap site or mobile presence.

A-League. Same as above.

As an AFL die hard I would pay $10-$20 for an iphone app that gave me access to real time stats, scores, images, in game live audio and video highlights and I know a lot of other people that would. I also believe as an advertising vehicle it would be appealing. As a code, I think AFL has such huge potential in the digital space.

It’s a national code. Hugely passionate supporters. Commercially very saavy and it has wide appeal.

What will happen when the Telstra deals are up, will the AFL and NRLĀ  take their digital assets back in house.

Further push mobile innovation across devices and carriers. Clean up the website and make it easier to use. Make dreamteam a market leader and weave it into broadcast and mobile. Investigate and implement live streaming subscription models like NBA League Pass. Continue building on video content initiatives like Game Day and the Panel Shows and add more social elements to the afl destination so it’s not all push.

I’d imagine at AFL HQ it doesn’t sit too well that Supercoach is beating Dreamteam, Footy Tips owns the tipping space and sites like Foxsports, Real Footy and Superfooty command such large shares of AFL related traffic. The AFL plays to win and I’d bet they want to be winning in all of these spaces and more.

You never know, with the right moves the AFL could mirror the success the MLB website has had –


One response to “Sport and the digital channel

  1. Ben

    A Non official AFL iphone app is – Aussie Rules Live – it does most of what you mentionned and at $3.99 is pretty good.

    AFL should of got in first but i think has affiliations with telstra for digital services which may have slowed them down.

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