Blurring the lines of media

I was doing an internal presentation at work the other day and had a slide on media consumption changes over the past 5 years.

The table is somewhere on this blog, but basically showed that over the past 5 years that no media channel had really bottomed out and TV had actually increased significantly. It’s a good table and a great reality check for those who love predicting the end of anything non digital.

One thing I think many of us forget when entering into pissing contests around media consumption is the fact that now multi-tasking is the norm and generally when people are using the Internet the majority of the time they are consuming another form of media at the same time – more often than not TV.

Anyway – someone asked what medium would a user listening to Nova FM via the Internet be attributed to. We all thought it would probably be the Internet.

Another asked about news clips from TV news bulletins replayed online – would these be attributed to the Internet or TV? Again, Internet.

Another asked about newspaper content consumed online, again Internet.

Is this really fair? Should radio listened to online be attributed to ‘radio’ in media consumption charts? Ditto for TV and newspaper content. And magazine content for that matter.

It’s interesting that people consuming this ‘traditional media’ online is used to bolster the rationale behind the arguments of people who say that traditional media is dead. Yes, people are spending a lot of time online … but a lot of that time is consuming the same media they used to consume using analogue channels.

I’m not arguing that media isn’t evolving – it is – but I think some sensible thought is needed around the topic.


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