The $14.7m charity website –

How did this cost $14.7m?

Ash Ringrose covers it here –

Nathan at AnotherAdvertisingWanker covers it here –

$14.7m – that is a lot of money.

AU dot com dismal failures like (where I worked) wasted less than this on 2+ years of dot com hedonism and bad decisions.

Don’t get me wrong – I think the concept is an important one … but $14.7m …  c’mon. What’s more – it doesn’t seem to be designed with kids in mind. What kid would use this when there is so much more out there?

I’m with Ash – there needs to be more questions asked around this area.

Cameron Reilly interviewed the people behind the site – the answers weren’t particularly conclusive. To me it felt like a conference call when a creative agency is clumsily justifying their fee to a client a little taken aback at the costs.



6 responses to “The $14.7m charity website –

  1. anotheradvertisingwanker

    Good work on keeping this topic going Ben – important that it doesn’t go unanswered.

  2. When I first heard about this I was dumbfounded. I am sure that Starlight could have spent more of this budget on actually helping kids.

  3. Neil Ackland

    Disgraceful! Where’s the accountability!

  4. Totally agree. I was involved with – a social network style site with a lot of – and I mean mountains – of functionality… (timelines, collaborative family trees, gallary, networking, slideshows, video etc…) all discussions about the outcome aside, in three years with a team of 6 they only went through only a fraction of this kind of money.

    Absolutely unjustifiable insanity that $14.7 million could be blown in an age when many components of these kinds of sites have become seriously commoditised.

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